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May 24, 2023
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How to give someone else Facebook Business Manager


It’s no secret that if your business is on Facebook, then you most likely using Facebook Business Manager. As well as being a key tool to keep your Facebook assets organised in the one place, it allows you to give an employee, freelancer or agency a central place to access these assets as well.

Facebooking marketing is no small job and as mentioned above, there will come a time when your business requires an additional employee, freelancer or agency to jump in and lend a hand. To do this, you will need to be able to give these colleagues access. We are going to take you through a guide of how to get your team set up and working across your Facebook business account.

To jump right in, in your Business Manager dashboard:

Select the settings gear icon or button that reads Business Settings in the top right

Select People in the far-left menu

Within the People window, select add people. It is here you can enter an email address of the user you wish to invite. Please note, this is for users not agencies. We will provide more on agency access below.

You can then decide the level of access you wish the user to have – this can be limited or full access otherwise known as Admin access. Then click next.

You will now be able to select Pages from the left menu. If you have more than one page, select the page that the user should have access to using the toggle options

Once you have selected the page, and access on the far-right column, return to the left column and select Ad Accounts. Again, at this point you will need to personalise the user’s access using the toggle options.

At this point, you can continue the above steps for both Catalogues and Apps if you have set these up within your Facebook Business Account. Once you are finished, click Invite!

If you wish to add more users, simply click Add More people. Once you have completed these steps, a notification will be sent to these users prompting them to accept your invitation to join your Facebook Business Manager page.

These users will be able to see the level of access they have when they received the email invite notification. To see who has accepted your requests, proceed to your dashboard – please note, you are able to withdraw an invite at any time if the user has not yet responded.

If you decide to cease the access this user has, you will need to remove their permissions individually. To do this simply select Business Settings at the top right of your Business Manager Dashboard.

A menu will appear on the left, select People and click on the name of the user you wish to remove. Click Remove and just like that – their access is revoked!

So, what if you are working with an agency instead of an individual user? Simple! To connect your Ad Agency to your Facebook Business Manager account, follow these steps:C

Again, from the Business Manager dashboard, select the Business Settings at the top right of the page.

The left menu will appear and here you can select Partners. As you are wanting to give them access to your business, select Partner to share assets with and select Add.

The agency must have an existing Business Manager ID which they will provide to you. At this point you need to enter this ID and click Add.C

Once you have completed this step, the Agency will individually manage the permissions for their own colleagues on their Facebook Business Manager account. You will not be able to view these details; however, this is something less you have to do – win!

And that’s it! It truly is that simple to add additional users or an agency to your Facebook Manager Account. Working as a team with all of your Facebook assets consolidated in one account will help your business flow and reach your targets easily. Good luck!

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