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We break up our services into three key areas. Strategy, Design, and Production. We do this to make things easier for you to package and customise services if you need assistance in multiple areas.

Now then, to get started let’s talk strategy. Strategy is anything pre-design or pre-production and should always be the first thing discussed.

When we strategise we look deeply into your brand’s market, competitors, social presence, online positioning, and how we can capitalise using digital methods like SEO and highly targeted social media adverts.

It’s all about knowing your objective before starting any creative process. See below for some of our strategy services.

Capture Content | Social Media Marketing Strategy

Design, the root of all things timeless. Our design services are broad however the objective is always similar. We drive for authenticity, uniqueness, and something that will standout amongst the rest

Capture Content has over 20 years of experience working on all things design. We’ve worked with brands across the board producing work from large-scale catalogues and brochures to bus wraps that grab the imagination of the unexpecting.

Capture Content Sydney Media Design

Production services have changed immensely in the past 10 years and Capture Content has moved with that shift. The introduction of more affordable gear has made it easier for us smaller entities to offer high-end social content, advertising, and TVCs. In return, that means we can pass our savings onto you.

Our production services don’t have the overhead charges that large agencies have and we have a proven track record of producing engaging, captivating content. It could be a documentary series, a stop motion animation, or a corporate video, rest-assured… #wedothat.

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