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April 4, 2021

The Difference Between Production and Content

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What is production in comparison to content? A fair question indeed. Content should be considered the cultured little brother of production. Production typically means that there will be more people on deck. A Producer, DOP, Stylist, Gaffer, Grip, Camera Assist, Focus Puller… that lot. Content on the other hand is a more affordable choice. Typically content creators come from smaller teams which means they are multi-skilled and can take on most roles of a production team. As a result, they tend to be the preferred choice for short-form content. Perfect for social media and low-budget TVC’s.


Production was the dominant method to create TV advertising throughout the age of analog television and of a proportion of digital broadcast but when the HDSLR cameras were introduced in 2004 it really threw a spanner in the works. It made production more accessible to smaller businesses. This is how content was born.

Content was born to make high-end professional production more accesible to smaller business

To break things down further. When the humble first generation Canon 5D was introduced in 2005 it had all the large production teams worldwide piddling in their panties. There was new competition on the block and the competition was able to create equally professional productions at a fraction of the cost. The Canon 5D is the birthplace of content marketing and if you’re a content creator from that era you should bow your head in respect to all that the Canon 5D gave you. It made creating solid, great-looking, and sounding production affordable.


Capture Content® was founded by Lewis Buttle and Gary Goes on September 12th, 2015, in what was then the most feral apartment known to the Inner West of Sydney. The Crib. The HQ. The Biohazard. Home. You’ll be pleased to know that we now reside in a plush studio within Sydney’s creative hub also known as Annandale. Saying all that, it’s not about where we came from, it’s where we’re going and what we’re doing that matters.

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