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February 21, 2024
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How to give a user access in Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a web analytics service that can report and track your website traffic. This can be a huge benefit to content creation. By adding tags to your site this data will allow your business to make decisions, adjust areas on your website or product to hit your business target goals. So, what if you want to add other members of your team or perhaps a content creator you are working with for visibility over this data? Easy – we can show you a quick step-by-step guide on how to give these content creators access to your Google Analytics account.

As always, the first step requires you to open your Google Analytics account.

Sign into your Google Analytics account and select which website you would like to focus on. You can access your websites by clicking the top left of your dashboard next to the Google Analytics brand logo. You may only have the one view however we suggest having a few for testing and so on.

Click the ‘Admin’ option in the left hand side menu, which will bring you to three columns of options:

These three columns represent the 3 levels of access: Account, property and Views.

An account access will allow other users to add more websites, AdWords or additional users Property

Access will allow users to access tracking codes and adjust settings on certain websites

View access will allow users to view reports, content groupings and add goals.

The most common access you can grant a user, dependent on the relationship to your business, is Property access. To grant a user this access, click the User Management option in the middle ‘Property’ column.

A pop out window will appear where you can select the blue plus button in the top right. There are two options here, Add Users or Add User Groups. Select Add Users from the drop down and enter the email you wish to grant access.

You can select the option to Notify this user that they have been added to your Google Analytics account as well as the permissions you wish them to have in your account. Most often, the user you are granting access to, especially if they are an agency will need the ability to Edit so keeping this option ticked is preferable.

Once everything is looking correct – click Add – and you’re done!

You will have now successfully added an additional content creator to your Google Analytics account access. The creator you add will only have permission to edit, read or analyse the shared assets, reports and accounts you set for them. If positions change, you are able to change this access at any time.

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