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March 14, 2022

Serenade | Explainer Video

Beautiful branding makes our lives so much easier.

When Serenade approached us to complete this motion graphics explainer video we thought to ourselves, this is going to be a blast. Serenade has some tidy branding and to bring their brand to life was a pleasure.

After Effects project

What is an NFT in a philosophical sense?

Whilst we’re here and talking on the topic why don’t we address the question marks around NFTs. NFTs are the proverbial middle finger to the current music industry. NFTs gives artists from all forms the opportunity to sell their products through an alternative avenue. Currently, we live in a World where only a select few can make it. We have Spotify which has a complete monopoly on the music industry. Artists aren’t touring due to World issues and people can’t make a living through 2 cents a play through Spotify. An NFT is an alternative for an artist with a fan base. It’s a mini-revolution… oh and it’s actually pretty good for the environment too. Safe to say we were happy to be involved with this one.


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