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February 24, 2022

We Communications Brands In Motion

Brand In Motion 2021. Let’s discuss…

Our good friends at We Comms wanted something impactful, insightful and bold. The concept was already there. Our role was to put together a piece of video content that speaks the language of ‘Brands In Motion’. What’s this, a new language? No, some thorough research into how brands should navigate their journey into the future.

Still unsure?

Brands live in a world of constant motion. The global pandemic, accelerating climate change and social tensions are transforming our lives at warp speed. Yesterday isn’t just gone, it’s ancient history.

For the fifth year, WE partnered with YouGov to quantify that world of motion and understand how brands can navigate it. The 2021 Brands in Motion report, “The Bravery Mandate,” finds that the brands that will flourish in 2021 and beyond are the ones with the courage to take bold actions and make strong stances with the full understanding that not everyone will approve.


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