Capture Content Pattern
February 27, 2020


One of the creatives earliest art forms, Photography. So why is photography soon to be placed under the content title?

At Capture Content, we create striking and impactful custom photography for brands and companies nationwide that engage and pinpoint your audience, while telling your brands story. Using our own photography studio, we are stocked with professional lighting, grip equipment, camera and video, drone equipment and more. We work with you to devise a plan to execute the photoshoot according to the brief, including supply of props, location scouting, talent booking and model casting. We then execute the photoshoot according to the brief which includes full production, transportation, talent management and catering. Finalising with post production services to edit images to match the branding and brief. Fresh content is essential to your overall digital marketing strategy and critical to your brand’s success. Our photography services are popular with fashion and accessories designers, beauty and cosmetics companies, wellness and supplement products, the food and beverage industry, major live events and many other experiences. The superior creative images we can provide will make your website, social media feeds, online advertising creative, product catalogues and marketing collateral come alive.


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