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September 5, 2018

Content Strategy

Content Creation and Strategy, what is it and why is it important to understand the platforms you are publishing your content to?

Before lifting a finger, toe, or eyelid you must know your objective, audience and have a strong purpose. Every good Content Creator on the globe will voice this sentiment and they’re not wrong. However, there is something missing. What? You must know how your audience navigates through their daily Content experience. Is it scrolling through Instagram stories? Reading Reddit? Browsing Pinterest? Tapping through TikTok or exploring hashtags? A Content Strategy is useless if you don’t understand how the user navigates their social media content. Furthermore, if you don’t understand how each platform works you’re on the backfoot. KNOW YOUR PLATFORM AND AUDIENCE!

Once this is understood and agreed upon you can pursue your Content Creation and Strategy. Content Strategy involves thorough planning and research. You must know your market. How they think. What times they’re surfing the internet, social media, and North Bondi ripples. Content Strategy inputs, outputs, and objectives will differ however the steps tend to be the same.

  1. Identify Objective
  2. Focus On Audience
  3. Evaluate How The Audience Engages With Their Social Platform
  4. Develop The Comms Strategy
  5. Define Learning Agenda
  6. Create Media Plan
  7. Define Measurements
  8. Optimize

Now then why is Content Strategy so important? Well, let’s put it like this. Would you go to the supermarket without looking in the fridge to see what you need? Some people do just that and they end up with a fridge full of expired eggplant cos they like the colour purple. Content Strategy is all about knowing how the user interacts with social media. In addition, how they are engaged, and the limitations of each individual platform. In another word, you have 3 seconds to captivate the viewer.

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Content Creation & Strategy FAQ’s

What is a content creation marketing strategy?

Content Creation Marketing Strategy is the process completed prior to committing to any creative. As Marketers, we must know what resonates with our consumers and customers. We need to understand why they’re coming to us for a service or product. We need to understand the issue and how the service or good delivers the solution.

Once we understand the solution it is up to us as Content Creators to understand what social media platforms are going to give is the best yields on our investment. Content Creators will build out templates that adhere to each social media platform’s specifications.

An example of Content Creation Marketing would be our Goodments campaign. The Content Created adheres to a strategy based around where the prospective market is geographically located. As a result, content was created for Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Instagram posts and stories.

What is a cross-channel content strategy?

Cross-channel marketing isn’t something you do overnight. It’s an integrated strategy used by marketers worldwide to engage an audience. Most commonly cross-channel marketing focus on all owned, earned media and digital experiences. For example, you may have an Instagram advert that can also be utilised on Facebook, TikTok, and Youtube. That is a cross-channel campaign.

It is a great way to design your marketing strategy and implement data and analysis to create cross-channel customer journeys toward your business goal.

Implementing a cross-channel marketing strategy can be scary. You need to take care of multiple channels. This is where Capture Content can assist. We know the right platforms and optimal language to engage your audience.

Why is it important to have a cross-channel content strategy?

What are content pillars?


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