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September 5, 2018

Motion Graphics

It’s flashy, it looks expensive, it can tell a thousand stories. So what it is motion graphics?

Motion Graphics is the animation of icons, text, lines, shapes, images and objects to bring significance to an idea. At Capture Content, our team uses motion graphics to visually convey your business message through metaphor, helping to give your audience a greater appreciation of the ideas. Yes, we know, it all sounds a little namby-pamby. But to put it simply: content that uses motion graphics has a clear message, commonly reinforced by a voice over, with enthralling visuals that take your audience on a journey from beginning to end. This effective bag of tricks can present difficult and exhaustive material, in an engaging and enlightening way.

At Capture Content, our team produces really. Good. Animation.

We focus on creating content that is easily consumable, exhibiting often intricate or new concepts symbolically, channelling your business ideas and key information into perceptible, engaging content. Whether it be detailed character development, cut outs, motion graphics, stop motion, integrated with live action, 3D, 2D, 2.5D, the options are endless. We can help you navigate the many options and best present your message.


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